Vicmead/Bidermann joins the ezLocator family

Bidermann Golf Course

Bidermann Golf Course resides in scenic Wilmington, Delaware amid lush forestry and gently rolling hills. As part of the Vicmead Hunt Club, founded almost 100 years ago in 1920, the course and the club comprise one of the most enjoyable athletic and social experiences on the East Coast. A self-described “private, family oriented, social and recreational Club, which encourages camaraderie through dining, athletics, and other related activities within an informal atmosphere,” Vicmead and Bidermann jointly and understandably always look for ways to improve their member and guest experiences while streamlining operations and improving their respective bottom lines.

While not always an easy needle to thread, when opportunities arise to accomplish both those missions with the same initiative, it rightly garners the greater Vicmead community’s attention. To further its legacy of luxury and camaraderie, Bidermann’s leaders sought to mitigate the time and effort spent meticulously tending to greens in favor of working smarter (and less expensively) to the same end.

As you’ve no doubt by now guessed, that’s where we came in.

Bidermann’s leadership sought to improve the pin placement process, better maintain green health, improve member services and beef up communications without being intrusive or cumbersome to members or staff. No short order! But luckily for them, there is a vertically integrated partner who can provide everything they need both affordably and successfully.

In March 2017, Bidermann Golf Club selected ezPins, a “lite” version of ezLocator to improve its pin placement process with the intent to use all available green cupping areas to limit wear and tear of the putting surfaces. Bidermann went with ezLocator because they saw in us an easy to install solution, intuitive user interface and flexibility of customization. Furthermore, the platform also allows for a new and more efficient lines of communication between the superintendent’s staff & department, the golf shop staff and members alike.

Bidermann saw the potential to benefit three different constituencies with the ezPins solution: the grounds department, the golf shop and with members.

  • The Grounds Department

    • Staff members have been more efficient on the course using this system. We are able to determine and cut hole locations in a timely fashion re- allocating 2.5 man-hours each day.

    • Less wear and tear to the putting surfaces will decrease inputs such as fertilizer and chemical applications and have the ability to re-allocate the labor that is needed to apply these inputs.

  • The Golf Shop

    • Staff members need not print numerous copies of hole location sheets and place them in carts prior to an event, saving both labor and paper.

    • Golf cart staging process is improved as hole location sheets will be available well in advance.

  • Members

    • Each day the member can access the app on their smartphone and have the hole locations at their finger tips, increasing accuracy and reducing opportunities for mistakes.

    • A tournament-like approach to hole locations enhances any player’s playing experience. What’s not to love?

It takes a lot to significantly improve a historic club’s operational efficiency while also improving the playing experience for its members. And being able to do that while improving the club’s bottom line? Trifecta.

To see how ezLocator could help your club, its staff and your members, give us a call today!