Pin Placement, Green Management and how to improve it!


Hey guys, this is Jon Schultz, founder and CEO of EZLocator.

We help clubs with three important things:

1.       We help streamline operations;

2.       We improve communications;

3.       We enhance the player’s experience.

We have been featured in the Dallas Morning News, The Philadelphia Enquirer, Global Golf Post and Golf Digest for our innovative technology.

In 2008, I had this idea to help superintendents find the optimum daily hole location, improve the health of their greens and enhance the player’s experience. Our very first customer was the Dallas National Golf Club, a Golf Digest top 100 course.

Since then, all across America, we have helped out hundreds of clubs across the country, from coast to coast, from Aronomink Golf Club to Poppy Hills, up north to Medinah Country Club, to the south Southern Hills Country Club, providing all of them with our world class software and customer care.

Over the last 10 years, we have developed a tremendous following and we are looking to do more. That is why we have come up with the idea to create a monthly video blog to help shine the light on pin placement issues as well as focus on green management best practices.

Along with our monthly video blogs, we are also going to be bringing exciting weekly content for you as well.

Thank you.


Jon Schultz