The BEST Way To Select NEW Hole Locations For Your Greens!


Hi everyone. Jon Schultz here.

Today I am going to show you how easy it is to generate and select daily hole locations with ezLocator.

First, make sure your stimp setting matches your green speeds. For today’s demonstration, I have set it to 11.


Next, hit the generate button. ezLocator will then go through a patented processed algorithm that determines the optimum daily hole location for each green.

Once hole locations have been generated and selected for all 18 greens, you can easily review and make adjustments as desired.

To demonstrate, this is what it looks like to basically make a last minute change from one location to another.


As you can see, this red flag is down in the lower front part of the green, and I want to move it to the left center of the green.

All I have to do is simply place my mouse over that specific hole and simply left mouse click.

This will provide an automated update on where that hole location is from the front to the middle of the green.

That is how easy it is to to set daily hole locations with ezLocator!

Thank you,