How To Easily Plan Your Golf Clubs Special Events In Advance


Hi everyone, Jon Schultz here.

Today I am going to show you how to easily pre-plan hole locations and customize your clubs pin sheets events using ezLocator.

The first thing we will do is go to our special event tab. This allows us to create a template for an event.

As an example, I will set an event for the Ewing Cup. We can link multiple days to an event; with the Ewing Cup, it is 2 days.


Now we want to assign a pin sheet to day 1 and to day 2. When I click on Day 1, you can see that it has already started. You do not have to do it continuous, meaning, you can start and stop.

If I want to go on green number 7, all I have to do is double-click on number 7 and it will give me an entire green to choose from. Let’s say that I want to have the hole location in the upper right hand corner of this grain. All I need to do is left mouse-click on that location and it is already set. I can even advance it by clicking on the right arrow and going on the next green.


I can continuously do this for all 18 greens.

Once I have created the template for the first day, I can now set a template for the second day. To do this, I go back to my special event template and select day 2. I have already done the first three holes on day 2, so, lets go and select the hole location for the fourth green.


Now, I can see that I have the hole location for Day 1 here, which is in the upper right hand corner. Maybe I want the second hole location to be on the front left. All I have to do is put my mouse on that hole and select that. Then, I can go to green number five and see that day 1, hole location is on the lower right so I can select the hole location for day 2 on the upper right corner of this green.

I can do that for all the 18 greens for the second round.

This is how easy it is to create a special event template!